5 easy ways to accessorize a shirt dress

By Admin / Mar 01, 2013

Shirt dresses are touted to be one of the biggest trends for this spring/summer season. But a lot of women still find it hard to accessorize the basic shirt dress the right way. Here are a few tips on how you too can accessorize the shirt dress easily.

1. Flirty belts

They say when you don't know how to accessorize a dress, you should simply add a belt to it. The same also holds true for the shirt dress. Most such dresses already come with the necessary belt hoops though these might not accommodate wider belts. Choose the color and size of the belt according to the occasion that you are wearing it to and match it to your shoes or bag for maximum effect.

2. Bold statement necklace

If you plan on wearing a plain shirt dress, you can always make it look fun and colorful by wearing a bright statement necklace with it. It will add a lot of color and texture to the basic shirt dress.

3. Bright scarf

If you are tired of the same old belt, shoes and bags that play up your shirt dresses, you can always try adding a bright scarf to the ensemble to mix things up a bit. You can wear a scarf to play up the neckline a bit or tie it up French style for a retro inspired look.

4. Large clutch/tote

Shirt dresses can look a little incomplete if you don't wear a bag with it. Since the silhouette of these dresses is often billowy and fluffy, its a good idea to keep the bag or clutch you carry with it on the larger side.

5. Funky hair band

For a playful, Audrey Hepburn inspired look, you can always wear a funky hair band with a shirt dress.