How to make a bracelet from telephone wire

By Admin / Nov 17, 2011

The project

Instead of tossing away your old telephone wires, you can easily recreate some extraordinarily beautiful bracelets out of them. A colorful beaded bracelet made out of your old, dumped telephone wire is easy to make and stylish to wear. Not only are they beautiful and funky, but they are an eco-friendly way to show off your amazing style statement. Learn how to conveniently make beautiful homemade beaded wire jewelry without investing a single penny.

Difficulty level: Easy

Time required: 20-30 minutes

Estimated cost: Relatively cheap

Resources required

1. A wire stripper

2. Beads (optional)

3. A barrel clasp

4. A wire cutter


1. Cutting the telephone wires: First off, use wire cutters to cut out the plastic plugs from one side of the telephone wire. Now, pass smoothly a telephone wire into the hole in either end of a wire stripper, taking about one inch from the end of the telephone wire. Next, firmly press together the handles of your wire stripper.

2. Stripping away the wire casing: Pull the wire towards the end to take off the wire casing and to reveal the thinner wires from inside. Continue stripping away the casing using wire strippers until the entire casing is finally discarded off the telephone wire.

3. Stripping away the color coating: Now, cut the thinner wires into about 7-8 inches with the wire cutters. Again, use the strippers to strip away the color coating form each ends of your prior cropped wire sections (the one measuring 7-8 inches). Strip away at least half an inch form each end of the wire sections.

4. Knotting the wires: Now, knot each 8 inches wires that you whist to use for your bracelet into the same ring of a barrel clasp. Either slide beads over each wire to conceal them or braid those wires without beads. In case, you are planning to bead the bracelet, make sure that you are using only one piece of wire and if you are braiding your bracelet, then use three wires at least to tie the knot.

5. Finishing the bracelet: To braid the wires, attach at least three wires to the ring of your barrel clasp and then cross the left wire above the center. Similarly, cross the right wire above the center and continue repeating the process until you are left with a braided wire. Finally, knot both ends of wires around the opposite ring of the clasp. Your bracelet is ready to be used. Go flaunt your style among your friends and families.

Quick tips

1. Instead of buying new beads and charms, you can reuse beads from your old jewelry.

2. When doing braiding, cautiously follow the aforementioned process unless your braided wire might look clumsy.

Thing to watch out for

If you dont know how to use wire strippers or cutters, cut and strip your telephone wires under the supervision of adults.