Celeb Style Secrets: Carey Mulligan

By Admin / Jan 11, 2012

The star of Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps has managed to steal hearts of millions with her sophisticated yet sweet and fragile looks. Carey Mulligan, the Oscar nominated English star is the latest addition to the best dressed lists. She was on the top of Harper's Bazaar's best dressed lists, beating Victoria Beckham and even Kate Moss. Surely, her style is unique, classy and polished. So, its time that you steal some secrets from her wardrobe, for this elegant blonde is surely a true fashionista.

1. Classics and contemporary

Carey is known for balancing the classic silhouettes along with contemporary, experimental prints. This odd combination makes her look unique in a good way. That make her look timeless beauty. So, you can try to add an outfit in your wardrobe that has boatneck florals and animal print shifts!

2. Get back to the 60s

She loves to wear dresses that define her femininity without making her look over-glamorous. So, her personal style includes addition of some nice 60's dress and old prints. If you want her memorable styles, then opt for ruffle dress, beaded outfits of bell bottom jeans.

3. Hats

Carey is probably best known for her Leopard hat. Now, that was a bold fashion statement. It made her look chic without missing out on the sophistication. Therefore, steal hats from her wardrobe because they are the secret behind her sophisticated and classy looks. Make sure that you have a hat that is so unique that it draws you out from the crowd!

4. Boyfriend blazer

Boyfriend Blazers are comfy and chic. They make you look so adorable. Carey is known to wear boyfriend blazer a number of times. So, have a boyfriend blazer as it will make you look modern and young. Carey loves to wear conservative cuts and doesn't experiment as much as some other celebrities. So, she dons a blazer every time she wears simple dresses and skirts.

5. Mixing colors and patterns

If you are not donning minimalist looks and want to layer yourself up for the chilly days, then check out Carey's layering styles. She mixes and matches a number of patterns and when she's not out for the red carpet, she loves to use colors to enhance her looks. So, mix colors, patterns and materials, but make sure that you don't look bulky.

6. Summer trends

Carey has bought a new summer trend the draped outfits. On occasions, she has been seen wearing draped top, draped skirts and draped dress. But she sticks to neutral colors when it comes to draping the outfits. Make sure that you have at least one draped top in your wardrobe if you want to carry Carey's trend forward. Team it up with a solid color skirt and accessorize with a solid color bag.

7. Casual slouchy pants

Go for casual slouchy pants that is a subtle mix of masculinity and femininity. Team it up with a tweed jacket to add glamor factor to a simple casual outfit. This way Carey makes sure that she carries herself comfortably without looking too formal or too casual for an event.

8. Black gowns and dresses

Carey has pixie cut short hair. So, she knows that she needs to pay little more attention to her outfits so that she looks more feminine. Therefore, for red carpet events she selects beautiful long gowns that are accompanied with nice heels. She loves to wear black and looks absolutely stunning in most of her black gowns and little black dress that makes her look so beautiful. But the best thing is that there is a versatility in her sense of dressing because of which she manages to look different even if she is wearing black.

9. Pixie haircut and accessories

Carey doesn't like to accessorize a lot, so you don't have to spend a lot of money trying to steal her accessories. Just make sure that you add a nice, solid color bag to your outfits to add a zing. Opt for pixie cut if you want to look sweet and fragile like Carey. If you have a good waist, then this hair cut will suit you a lot because it accentuates your waistline.

10. Finally, have a nice boyfriend!

The best thing about Carey is her boyfriend Shia LeBouf. She looks totally adorable whenever she is seen walking hand in hand with her boyfriend. That adds a lot to her simple and cute style statement. so, make sure that you have a nice boyfriend who loves you and is ready to hold your hands whenever you want him to!