Celeb Style Secrets: Nina Dobrev

By Admin / Jan 17, 2012

Nina Dobrev, the Bulgaria born Canadian actress is one of the highly acclaimed names in the television and fashion industries. Be it her dressing sense or her make-up, she makes them blend with her mood perfectly. She has become one of the most iconic role models for the younger generation. She presents herself in a captivating slinky little dresses in many occasions. Does it make you wonder how Nina Dobrev mesmerizes everybody with her beauty and style? Catching up with some of her style statements will let you follow her style to make yourself beautiful. Here are some of Nina Dobrev's grooming techniques that she revealed in casual interviews.

Dressing style

Nina Dobrev loves to wear all sorts of fashion materials, right from the edgy attires to the leather jackets. Whether it's for a casual evening or a party night, she adores to have a charming blazer that compliments her bottom wears and accessories. In short, Nina likes to express the different shades of her mood through her outfits and accessories. Now, having an idea of her dressing sense, you should not arrive at a conclusion that she wears the same kind of attire for similar occasions. She loves to try different costumes for different occasions. She takes up chances to wear contrasting clothes along with an unusual combination of accessories and sandals.

Nina's wardrobe

If you ask Nina to mention one costume that she adores to wear everywhere, she will shoot her answer as 'mini skirts'. That's why she has been spotted in her short skirts most of the times. She admires them very much because of their charming look and seductiveness. Moreover, mini skirts help her to portray her girly nature and let her express her persona in the way she prefers. According to Nina, attires like dark jeans, Converse sneakers and chic blazers are the must have items for fashionable women. She is also pretty courteous on being color conscious; however, she likes to play it safe when dealing with color palettes like neon and other audacious ones. Black, navy and neutrals are her favorite colors; and so, she likes to stick to these colors most of the times.

Cosmetics and make-up kits

Moving on to her cosmetics box, Nina holds herself in high regard with blissfully chosen make-up kit. When you offer her to choose between lip balm or lip gloss, she would pick up the former without giving it a thought, thereby displaying her preferences. Nina is frank enough to share her views about fake nails and hair extensions in an interview. Having them never sounds exciting to her. However, she is not against the celebrities who loves to enhance their style through such additional appendages.

If you wonder about what makes her eyes so captivating and sexy, it's just a simple mascara. However, she is very specific about choosing her mascara forms. Her experience has helped her to go for one kind of Mascara that suits her style very much without making her cry out of irritation. Comfort is her priority when she deals with mascara. To mention, Nina avoids eyeliners mostly.

Shoes and sandals

Nina love shoes more than her accessories. She is kind of addicted to Stuart Weitzman's shoes and Cole Haan's heels. She also prefers to walk the ramp with flats. However, Nina always choose one of the above designer's collections when turning up to some of the prestigious red carpet events and few others.


Though Nina loves to change her style often, she is very much particular about the products she chooses for her lovely hair. You will be definitely tempted to know her hairstyle secrets. Well, Nina doesn't wishes to preserve her secrets. She revealed that Unite's products make her hair better than any other. So, she prefers to stay with this brand. In fact, she is very happy about the brand's variety of products, right from the conditioner to the moisturizer.

Beauty products

When it comes to the general beauty products like skin lotion, face creams and so on, Nina prefers to switch them once in two weeks. She admitted that her dark circles and dry skin were the major turn-downs of her body. She uses a face cream every night before she sleeps, to get rid of her dark circles. She is happy about using a particular product called 'Factor-A-eyes' that has created a huge improvement under her eyes.


Yoga is Nina's favorite fitness activity because it keeps her body calm and let her body connect with the spirit. She practices Yoga to take the best care for her skin. Apart from Yoga, she changes her fitness schedule routinely.

Despite the products she uses, Nina gives expression to her real self by being herself in all the situations that she comes across everyday.