Convertible coats go from fall-to-winter with ease

By Admin / Dec 18, 2012

Dressing for the fall/winter is fun though many women find it very frustrating to buy two separate types of coats to wearing during the less cold and full on chilling weather. Since most fall/winter coats are expensive to begin with, it is a smart idea to buy items that you can begin wearing in the fall and use them through the winter season as well. Convertible coats fall under this very category and provide you with a simple solution to your coat woes.

Reversible coats are the top choice for fashionistas that want a space-saving outwear items that they can use through two different weathers. Choose a reversible coat that comes with a less warm lining on one side and a proper woolen one on the other. Multiple piece jackets are yet another good idea for women looking for a multifunctional coat. Most of these come with removable sleeves and a cropped outer layer which allows it to be worn as a sleeveless coat dress, a cropped full sleeved jacket as well as warm, full length coat as well.

Convertible cardigans are also good for people who don't want to wear one with a hoodie when the weather is slightly warmer. The hoodie in these designs is often disguised within the construction of the sweater itself which makes it easy to pull it out when needed though it can stay hidden and provide an extra layer of protection against the weather when its colder. Women that don't want to struggle with additional layers of multiple-piece coats can simply buy coats that come with detachable fur collars, detachable hoods and detachable fur cuff linings.