Designer Jeans That Evoked Controversy

By Admin / Apr 16, 2012

Jeans ads are always associated with seductive poses and nudity. Almost all the designer jeans have tried this strategy of selling sex with their jeans ads. Provocative to the core, most of the ads are either banned or get into controversy. But the makers of these ads are not at all worried as even if they get into controversy, the ad becomes popular and so the do the jeans. They believe in the fact that –all publicity is good publicity and try to make their ads as raunchy and erotic it can be. Here are few popular designer jeans ads that got banned or caught in controversy because of the racy content.


Versace Denim Ad

Model Gisele Bundchen went topless for Versace jeans ad this year and it managed to get the tongues wagging. The seductive pose that the model gave in just low slung jeans and a gaping jacket that exposed her chest was too risqué. She also posed in a compromising position with photographer Ryan Barrett.


Calvin Klien Ad

The Calvin Klein Jeans ad featuring Eva Mendes and Jamie Dorman semi nude was too racy to display publically. The ad showed the duo getting intimate and seeking sexual gratification.


Dolce & Gabbana Ad

The rape ad done by Dolce & Gabbana was really sensational and jaw dropping. This ad was banned by Advertising Self Discipline Institute (IAP). According to them this offended the dignity of woman as it showed her helplessly molested by a group of bare - chested men.


Scultz Jeans ad

This ad promoted nudity and desperation for love making. In the ad, the guy was made fully naked and was tied on chair. The lady wearing this brand’s jeans tried to excite him sexually.


Plugg Jeans

The crotch grabbing jeans ad by Plugg was banned because that showed that the naughty side of gals. It was not considered to be socially unacceptable. This ad was meant to be provocative enough to create an outrage and it surely did.



The Levi’s brand is also in the league of the Jeanswear who took help of racy ads to boost up the sales. The bare rear advertisement that showed only Levi’s pocket attached to the bottom was considered to be the most popular ads of all times. This ad was shot in the year 1970 but it still looks very new.


Diesel Jeans

The Diesel Jeans ad was hedonistic and raised eyebrows because of the bold shoots. The ad showed the gals going frenzy over the hot bod guy. Playing topless these people had naughts and crosses sign on their body. The ad was not banned but it surely created controversy.


Abercrombie & Fitch Jeans

This jeans ad was banned because the male model wore his jeans perilously low and showed the glimpse of his pubes. This ad was considered to be completely explicit.


Turkish Jeans Ad

Although, the ad didn’t take help of nudity it went a way beyond that and showed various sexual positions in the jeans ad. It was banned but surely got popular.


Girbaud Jeans Ad

This ad was caught in the web of controversy as it was inspired from the last supper. it was finally banned by the Catholic Church.