How to rock a sweatshirt

By Admin / Jan 17, 2013

Sweatshirts may a staple in womens casual wear but most girls wouldnt be caught dead wearing one outside their homes. However, the loungewear essential can look incredibly sexy if you know how to rock it the right way.

With a pair of shorts

The classic how to make a sweatshirt look sexy combo is one where you combine your favorite sweatshirt, no matter how beaten and battered it is, with a pair of racy shorts. The combination is instantly flattering and you get to highlight your swanky pins without looking skanky!

Sweatshirt dresses

Celebs have done a lot to popularize the sweatshirt dress and we are immensely thankful to them for the favor as well. Intended to flatter the female silhouettes, these dresses can be as concealing as one wants though they can also be very sexy.

With belts

If you are the kind of girl that wants to show off an hourglass figure even from underneath a sweatshirt, the sweatshirt with belt look is for you. The look works best when the sweatshirt youre wearing is lightweight as the belt will create a light ruching effect around your waist.

Sweatshirts over skirts

The combination of sweatshirts and skirts may look out of place but works wonders if you have the kind of legs that can be shown off proudly. As a rule of thumb, the baggy silhouette of the sweatshirt at the top needs to be balanced with a tighter fitting skirt at the bottom though you can also wear a frilly or layers skirt as long as it hits you no lower than 4 inches above your knee.

Sweatshirts and tights

The quickest way to glam up a sweatshirt without showing too much skin is to wear them with a pair of tights or leggings. The combo keeps you cozy, warm and casual yet stylish enough to look like a diva when you pair it with high heels or boots.