Pippa Middleton Vs. Jessica Alba: Who rocks the winter chic look?

By Admin / Dec 16, 2011

Jessica Alba and Pippa Middleton were pictured wearing the same Fay Metropolitan Glamour Trench Coat to different occasions. This stylish black colored trench coat with beige seams was worn in completely different styles by the two celebrities, giving them entirely different looks. Let's take a look to decide who accessorized well and added on to the elegance of the trench coat.

Jessica  Ya or Nah?

Jessica has teamed up this gorgeous trench coat with high black boots and white tights. Peeking from underneath the coat is an animal print skirt. For the accessories, Jessica has gone for a black messenger bag and an oversized scarf. Her hair has been propped in an high bun which looks rather untidy. Her makeup is minimal with nude shades. Jessica's choice of bag has completely understated the chic look of the trench coat. The oversized scarf adds on to marring the look completely. The slight visibility of the skirt from under the coat does not look very aesthetic. Her hair could have been neatly tied into a bun. Jessica failed to impress with this one as she has tried to keep her style extremely casual.

Pippa  Ya or Nah?

On the other hand, Kate Middleton's sister seems to be creating a fashion statement every now and then. This fashionista sure looks perfect with her Fay Mac to which she has added an overdose of chicness and sheer style. Pippa has a very refined taste and sure knows how to put together an amazing attire with complementing accessories. In this case, she too is sporting her Fay Mac that has a beige colored trim piping. To accentuate the mild beige, she is holding a beige colored bag by Lamb 1887 which looks ultra chic. Pippa has opened up her collar for the glam look and has worn her hair in a neat chignon bun with a hair pin. Pippa has added more shine to her attired with the Russell and Bromley black high boots that she is wearing. She has also teamed up her clothes with a pair of smart gloves which adds more glamor to her dress. She is wearing small hear earrings by Vinnie Day. Her makeup is also minimal but she has chosen natural pinks for her lips and cheeks which adds more glow to her face. Her entire look complements the amazing trench coat and accentuates it completely.

The StyleGuru Verdict

Pippa wins this fashion battle against Jessica Alba totally by putting together the perfect look and doing complete justice to the trench coat by the Italian designer Fay. Her choice of accessories in terms of the bag, gloves and earrings have added more elegance to her style.