Priscilla Chan, The First Lady Of Social Media: Style Timeline

By Admin / May 23, 2012

Priscilla Chan and her voyage to being identified as the first lady of the social media is staggeringly interesting. From her casual quirky style to this modest bridal sartorial selection, she's one such shy yet extrovert lady who has made her affinity for humble outfits work both for causal errands and her wedding day.

Contrary to a girl whose boyfriend is a billionaire, Priscilla loves dressing like an ordinary, down-to-earth girl. And, when it came down to selecting the prefect wedding dress, she didn't ditch the modesty boulevard in an attempt to show-off infront of her friends and families. Rather, she opted for something that could justify her bridal figure, regardless the price tag of her sought-to-be wedding dress. Believe it or not, but the gown only cost her $4,700. And, that's too little to pay for a girl who is marrying a rich billionaire. Don't you agree?

Her exquisite bridal dress had the tinges of haute couture splashed all over it- graceful silhouette, well-defined cuts, luxuriant fabrics and laced-up overlay. Though this gorgeous lace dress was comparatively modest in terms of style quotient, it still translated into an incredible wedding outfit that perfectly complemented the bride's petite silhouette. Designed by Los-Angeles based designer Claire Pettibone, Priscilla's sophisticated bridal look reflected her true personality and certainly upped the elegance of her bridal personality. Despite dipping her dress into superfluous jewel-like embellishments, the 27-year-old bride opted for the style and cuts that complemented her petite frame and slightly plus-sized figure. Entirely encrusted with sequins, her ultra-feminine ivory laser-cut dress featured a floral lace overlay with subtle cutouts.

Simple design put together in an envelope of elegant nonchalance: this line succinctly describe her minimalistic approach at wedding dress. What looked more beautiful on her was the bridal veil that wasn't accompanied with excessive adornment and truly worked in her favor. To further perfect and complement her bridal look, Priscilla chose to wear a wedding bracelet with an elegant updo and an inexpensive pair of glitzy heels. All in all, the hint of accoutrements and the touch of simple detailing made the whole bridal ensemble incredible to look at. Needless to say, her wedding look spoke volume without getting all mashed up in superfluous and elaborate detailing. Just like his newly wed wife Priscilla, Mark Zuckerberg too sported a modest wedding suit that blend in with is hoddie persona.

The conservative wedding look bestowed the couple with immense sophistication and exquisiteness that they were craving for. Precisely speaking, Priscilla Chan's wedding and causal style is the true reflection of her meek personality. Moreover, she proved that you don't need to squander away thousand of bucks on your bridal ensemble. Even the slightest touch of modesty can get you through your wedding day like an unwonted fashionista. No wonder, her fashionable wedding gown has nudged its way to to the summit of our fashion wishlist, and the designer is flooded with umteenth orders.