Trend watch: Steam it up with snakeskin shoes

By Admin / Jan 02, 2012

From chemises and dresses to trousers and bags, snakeskin products have become in vogue nowadays especially the snakeskin shoes. Ever since snakeskin shoes were seen on the autumn /fall of winter catwalks of popular brands, this trend has become an ire. Snakeskin is ideal for infusing color and print both in an outfit. With big brands such as Prada, Gucci, Messoni and Dune creating startling snakeskin shoes, there is no doubt how beautiful it looks.

Though snakeskin shoes has been in use from the old era but still its hard to give an exact account as to from where and when did it exactly start. But with some stars like Blake Lively, Lea Michele, Ashley Benson, Lucy Hale, Kim Kardashian etc. flaunting their sexy snakeskin shoes at various events they have definitely become the cherry of eye.

Recently, Jennifer Lopez one of the most stylish and dazzling women of the industry was seen wearing a chic pair snakeskin boots by Christian loubouitin at a radio event in London. But the main point is, if you envy it you too can flaunt these snakeskin boots and make yourself look stunning. For flaunting these pair of snakeskin shoes one needs to take care of some important wearing tips which are as follows;

a) While wearing a suit, a neutral colored snakeskin shoes can add extra polish to your looks.

b) For a sexy evening look one can wear a pair of strappy heels with a skirt.

c) Snakeskin flats goes well with pink, blue, yellow or a metallic color to dress up for a weekend party.

d) White being the sharp counterpoint to fundamental and monochromatic outfits, its best suggested.

e) Red with a pair of sexy snakeskin boots gives very chic and a classy outlook.

f) Another color to go with these shoes is grey, because almost every outfit contains bit of grey or any tone of grey and grey goes well with these elegant heels.